Who Are Karlexandra?


We're Karlexandra, two digital nomads hailing from opposite end of the globe. We met in 2009 in Australia while Alex was on an exchange semester at Karl's university (even though he wasn't technically a student at the time!), and when Alex's semester ended and she returned to Europe, Karl decided he couldn't live without her, so he soon followed. The rest, as they say, is history...

Since then, we have visited countries together, and lived in three of those. We're currently embarking on our latest adventure to South America; you can read about (and see photos of) our previous trips on our now-archived original travel blog here 

The Karl...

The Karl is Karl Fischmann, from Australia. A self-professed nerd, Karl loves to travel and experience different cultures, and has spent much of his "adult" (hah!) life doing so. 

Karl Likes:

The ...exandrA

The ...exandrA is Alexandra Grabbe, from Germany. Ever since spending a year as an exchange student in High School in MI USA, the travel bug has taken over her life.

Alex likes: