Arriving in Colombia, Bogotá, and Altitude

  • Air Europa: Not as bad as you might think
  • Do you normally live at or near sea level? The altitude may bite
  • Wandering around the old town area, La Candelaria
  • Cerro de Monserrate and the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá

...Okay, so I'm going to start this with two confessions; one is that we didn't do those last two activities, as we were both utterly floored from the flight over from Madrid (more on that below), and two, this is my first post on our 'new' blog, and I am already playing catch up... Alex is thus far outclassing me on the frequency and effort front. Apologies, internet; I'll do better!

In Colombia | Bogotá | Air Europa

Erstes Ziel erreicht- Bogotá, Kolumbien

Nach einem langen Flug haben wir es endlich an unser erstes Ziel gebracht. Air Europa war als Fluggesellschaft gar nicht schlecht, wir hatten uns auf eine Billigfluggesellschaft eingestellt, aber im Endeffekt war das Personal total freundlich und auch der Service voll in Ordnung. Ich würde auf jeden Fall nochmal mit dieser Gesellschaft fliegen, bei den super Preisen.

In German | Bogotá | Kolumbien

First Stop: Bogotá – Colombia

We made it to our first stop, Bogotá. The flight was long but ok for the cost. We flew with Air Europa and assumed we’d experience budget airline type service but were surprised to find out that the staff was super friendly and meals and drinks were included.

In Colombia | Bogotá